Access Your Storefront

Here at Threadbearer, one of our most exciting features providing powerful functionality for your organization is our Storefronts feature. Storefronts can be created for your organization to provide a gateway for targeted customers or for your employees to place orders for personalized items. The storefront can be tailored to emergency services departments for uniform wear purchased with employee allowances, to provide a means for merchandise sales by booster clubs during a certain time of the year, or to simply facilitate repeat orders by an established Threadbearer customer.

Storefronts can be created free of charge and will be branded with the storefront owner’s logo. The functionality of the storefront can be defined by the customer to establish user admin rights, the products that will be available to the targeted customers, and to reconcile the sale orders collected and money either due the storefront owner (the customer) or Threadbearer. This can be a powerful asset for a merchandise coordinator, for example, who can spend an inordinate amount of time consolidating paper-based order forms for personalized apparel and trying to reconcile amounts due to the booster club and the embroiderer.

Examples of Storefronts

To view examples of storefronts and see how they work, please click on the images below.